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Cabinet Makeover

Shawn and I have been working soo hard renovating, redecorating, and reorganizing our home!  July 1st marks one year in our home and we now feel comfortable investing in a few projects to make our house a home!

While our budget is small, our ambitions are BIG!  We are determined to do the best we can to take items we already have and give them new life by refinishing them in a way that fits our style!  The first project was an old cabinet that Shawn’s mother gave us!

Products I used-

This project was so easy!  Here’s how I did it!

1-Clean Cabinet

2-Put primer on cabinet (Two Coats)

3-Sand any paint drips

4-Put paint on cabinet (Two Coats)

5-Remove old fabric

6-Apply glue and new fabric

7-Let dry and enjoy!

Check out my video of this project on my YouTube Channel!




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