Cleaning with…A Magic Eraser!!!

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Cleaning with...

Shawn and I have been working so hard on sooo many projects for our home!  One thing we couldn’t stand were our stained and old linoleum floors!


We don’t mind the pattern or design that much.  It is not our favorite, but we felt that we could wait to change them until we had a full renovation planned for our home.  We wanted to find something that could restore our floors!  Suddenly, I remember Magic Erasers!


My mom LOVES to clean with Magic Erasers!  I think this was my first time purchasing them and using them in our home!  I bought a pack and tried a little spot!  To my surprise!  It took out all of the stains immediately!


I didn’t realize how nice our floors actually were!  It was hard to see the beauty through all of the staining and scuffs!  Several hours later, I completed our whole floor!

Before and After

The proof is in the picture!  The Magic Eraser did wonders for our home!  I would highly recommend these for anyone struggling with a difficult stain!  I will definitely be using these in other projects!

Check out my latest YouTube video for a closer look at the process!!!


One Reply to “Cleaning with…A Magic Eraser!!!”

  1. Just an FYI, did you know they make Magic Eraser Mops? I’m a professional housekeeper and one of the houses i clean had the same problem with the kitchen chairs discoloring the floors. After spending several months scrubbing on my hands and knees every week, I discovered the Magic Eraser Mop and it has made my job so much easier! Not to mention, it’s a lot easier on the knees!


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