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Thrifted Happy Planner

In December of 2018, I purchased my very first Happy Planner.  Typically my planner supplies consist of, a pencil…and a planner…and that’s it!  I decided that 2019 would be a little different.  I wanted to invest more time in my weekly planning.  I wanted to make the planning process something that I enjoy and look forward to.  I did a little planner research and stumbled upon the Happy Planner line.  I was delighted to learn that Happy Planners are sold at Walmart and so the next day, I went out and purchased my very own planner!

Happy Planner
I love my first Happy Planner!  I shared a video of all of the first Happy Planner supplies that I found on my YouTube Channel!

The more I learned about Happy Planner, the more I learned about the various supplies that can enhance the look and style of your planner.  I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with the purchase of too many products at once.  I wanted to take time and use supplies that I already had within my crafting selection.  I began planning with supplies that I already had on hand and did more research to see what other supplies I might want or need.

Through the process of watching many videos, reading blogs, and shopping at my local craft stores, I learned that Happy Planner sells a variety of GORGEOUS planner stickers!  I decided that I wanted to find some Happy Planner stickers to use in my own planner.  I was lucky enough to find a great deal on planner stickers at my local Joann Fabric store!

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 10.32.57 PM
I found all of these Happy Planner stickers at Joann Fabric for only $4 a piece!

My planner supply collection began to grow!  I quickly realized that I would need to find creative solutions to contain all of my new planner goodies.  I knew that I could find anything and everything that I needed to organize my supplies online or at a craft store, but I wanted to do it differently.  I wanted to find organizers that would reflect my style.  I wanted to find organizers that were unique.  I wanted to find organizers that had a different purpose before I acquired them.  Most importantly, I wanted to find organizers that were well within my budget!  I knew that given enough time, I could find everything I needed and more at my local thrift stores!

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 6.15.13 PM

I didn’t have to go far to find this first organizer!  I have been an avid collector of milk glass for many years and this piece is perfect for storing my most reached for supplies.  After I began planning, I found that I was regularly getting up from my desk to find markers, pens, and scissors.  I decided to use one of my pieces of milk glass to hold all of the supplies that I regularly use while planning!

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 6.15.59 PM.png

This next piece was such a lucky find at the thrift store!  While thrifting one day, I saw a box which looked to have an image of a craft room on it.  I grabbed it off the shelf and to my surprise it was an unopened washi tape organizer!  I own plenty of washi tape, so I knew that I would be able to fill it with washi from my own collection.  When I brought the piece home, I was excited to find that it included 16 new rolls of washi tape!  I was so excited!

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 6.17.22 PM

My third piece of thrifted Happy Planner organization is this GORGEOUS picnic caddy!  I saw this piece at the thrift store and initially thought about bringing it home and using it for…picnics.  I shared it in a recent thrift haul and someone suggested that I take it and use it to store my Happy Planner and supplies!  I thought that was such a GREAT IDEA!  I gathered some of my most used supplies, and of course my planner, and started filling up this piece!  To my surprise the sticker books, pens, markers, and even my Happy Planner, in the case, fit perfectly in this organizer!  I love the woven basket look!  It even has handles so if I ever want to plan on the go, I can just grab it and bring it with me!

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 6.15.45 PM

The final piece of thrifted Happy Planner organization that I would like to share is this incredible sticker organizer!  I saw this piece while thrifting about a month ago and couldn’t leave it behind.  When I first found it, I didn’t think that I would be using it for stickers.  I thought it might be good for organizing incoming mail or bills.  After I purchased my first Happy Planner stickers, I brought them into my craft room and hoped they would fit in this organizer.  It was like this organizer was made for the Happy Planner sticker packs!

I am so happy that I was able to find all of these organizers to use in my craft room!  Each piece has it’s own unique look and purpose.  I could have purchased everything that I needed to organize these supplies online.  I could have bought them at my local  craft store and they could all be the same style.  I could have ordered them the day I got my Happy Planner and had my craft room set up in a week.  I didn’t want that for my craft space or my supplies.  I wanted the organizers to be secondhand and within a  budget that I felt comfortable with.  It might have taken a little longer to find everything that I needed, but it was so worth it.  Part of the enjoyment of thrifting these items is the hunt.  The feeling you get when you find that perfect organizer is worth the wait!

If you are like me and are looking to fill an organization or decor need, I would HIGHLY recommend stopping by your local thrift stores before you go to any name brand stores.  You never know what you might find!

Check out my YouTube channel to see the video I shared about all of my thrifted Happy Planner organizers!




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