Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays!  I love all the hearts, the colors, the doilies, and the candy!  (Except for chocolate…I’m allergic to chocolate!)

For Valentine’s Day 2017, I want to share five easy DIY projects that you can create for your home and loved ones!

If you are here from my Youtube channel, I feel that I owe you an apology!  This content was originally intended to be a video.  However, when I saw all the pieces put together, I wasn’t happy with how it looked!  I felt that shots were better suited for my blog!  So…here we are!

This picture proves that this was intended to be a video…lol

I have to thank all of the AMAZING creators on Pinterest for my inspiration for many of these projects!  If you would like to see all of the original pins, please check out my Thrifted Living Pinterest page

1. Cutting Board Print

During my garage sale excursions this summer, I found several BEAUTIFUL cutting boards!  I LOVE using these for crafting!  The grain in this particular cutting board was sooooo STUNNING!  I felt that it would be a great piece to paint with a festive message for Valentine’s Day!

First, I wrote in pencil the desired writing.  Then, I simply used an Elmer’s Painters Marker, in white, to scribe this lovely message.

I felt that it was still a little plain, so I decided to add gold on each corner of the cutting board.  I used some painters tape and painted the corners.


This was SOOO easy!  The final product is simple and bright!

2.  Key to My Heart

Here is yet another cutting board that I found this summer at a garage sale!  I love the style and wear on this little board.  I think it’s so petite and cute!  I thought this little board needed something to make it even more ADORABLE!

I simply cut a heart shape stencil of out card stock.  Then, using that same painters tape, attached it to the board, making sure that it was centered.  Then I found the most vibrant red paint that I had on hand and painted inside the stencil.  I let it dry for several ours, then removed the stencil.


As a final touch, I added a key that I found at Michael’s!  I love the look of the wood, with the metal key, and the red heart!  The contrasts are STUNNING!  This project took very little time and make a BIG impact in our kitchen!

3. ‘I love you because…’ Dry Erase Frame

These frames are a relatively recent addition to my collection!  I found these at the an estate sale not too long ago.  What beautiful detail there is in the gold frame.  I have seen many people take frames and turn them into dry-erase boards.  What an easy way to make these beautiful frame, into a functional piece of decor.

The frame had a piece of cardboard behind the glass, which I removed.  I then replaced that with a piece of copy paper.  I printed my message in pencil, then added a red construction paper heart.  I finally traced the writing with a Sharpie marker and put the paper in the frame!


As my sister lovingly pointed out, my line is not straight.  However, I think it gives the piece a little more personality.  Simply set a dry-erase marker next to the frame and write a quick note to your sweetheart!

4. Mason Jar Love

My crafternoon wouldn’t have been complete without using a Mason Jar.  I find these ALL the time at thrift stores and garage sales!

For this project, I used a Mason Jar, doilies, construction paper, and twine!  I simply cut out a heart, placed it on top of a doily, then wrapped the jar with twine.  I secured the twine on the back of the jar with hot glue.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 2.35.44 PM.png

Easy…simple…classic!  Maybe I should put a tea light inside the jar!  What do you think?

5.  Valentine Organizer

One of my favorite parts of Valentine’s Day is receiving Valentines!  I have always love sharing Valentines!  As a child, one of my favorite celebrations at school was the Valentine’s Day party!  I always loved creating a mailbox and writing each of my friend’s names on a card!  I decided to take one of the MANY frames that I have found at garage sales and use it to organize Valentines!

To start, I took the frame and painted it gold! (…of course…)  Then I flipped it over and attached three pieces of twine with hot glue!  Then I took some miniature clothespins that I found at the Dollar Tree and hung some Valentines that I made for my husband!

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 2.44.13 PM.png!!!  This piece perfectly displays the homemade Valentines that I made my for my husband!  The best part is that I can change these out to work during other seasons and holidays!

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 2.48.43 PM.png
Here is a closer look at the Valentines I made!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I prepared our home for Valentine’s Day!  These projects were so simple and quick!  The projects were also very inexpensive, since I used items that I found at the thrift store or garage sales!  I hope I have inspired you to get crafty!

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