Thrifted Thanksgiving Decor!!!

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My relaxing, peaceful space!

*****YouTube video link below!*****

A few weeks ago, I posted my first video in the Thanksgiving Collab series hosted by crafTEA Mom.  The theme of the first video was home decor for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I decided to showcase how I decorated our amazing outdoor space!

We have a small outdoor room called a breezeway that connects our house to our garage….I have had some questions about what a breezeway is, so I just wanted to make sure everyone knew!  :)…It has just enough room for a small table and sectional!

After Halloween, I turned the white Jack-o-Lanterns around to turn them into chic white pumpkins!

I decided to take my fall-themed Garage Sale Finds and decorate the whole space!

A wooden clock with our wedding date set as the time, 10:11…Our Swarovski Crystal cake topper sparkles under the lights!

The great things about garage sales is that there is NEVER a shortage of fall decorations!  (…and they are always at the right price!)  For everything, including the table and chairs, I spent less than $100!


Peeking out on  either side of the clock are two bouquets of flowers.  Well..not real flowers.  They are fabric flowers that I purchased at the dollar tree that I then glued onto a styrofoam ball!  Cute and easy DIY!  Maybe I will do a DIY video for those soon!

Here’s a closeup shot of those flower bouquets!


Finally, a mirrored tray with glittery fruit!  It sparkles just like the cake topper!  It makes me smile!  (I love sparkles!)

Glitter Fruit!  If fruit was glittery, I would eat it every day!  New product?  I should go patent that idea now!

I hope you enjoyed my fall decor room tour!  Check out my video tour of the breezeway!





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