Thanksgiving Collab-Prep Fun-DIY Thanksgiving Coasters!!!

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Sometimes when I garage sale, I look into the massive piles of things and I dream. I dream about the projects that I could do with all the stuff that I could buy!  Then I snap back into reality!  I can’t buy everything…even though I would love to…

When I saw two boxes of ceramic tiles at an estate sale, I couldn’t help myself!  I knew they had potential to be a pretty awesome DIY project!  Then I remembered the Thanksgiving Collab series that I am doing with Adrienne of crafTEA Mom and thought of the perfect Thanksgiving DIY project!

For this project you will need-

-Ceramic Tiles
-Lace Stickers (Not necessary, but so cute!)
-Mod Podge (I actually made my own!)

Check out my tutorial video on YouTube to see how to make your own Thanksgiving Ceramic Tile Coaster!

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